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Tech Heroes Award Recognises Community-Assist Efforts During Pandemic

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22 Mar 2021

Watch the original TV news report in Malay here (Source: BERITA Mediacorp)

BERITAmediacorp, 18 Mar 2021 - As new COVID-19 cases hit record highs last year, students took online learning at home as part of the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) efforts to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection. This also affected the tuition classes run by Yayasan MENDAKI.

Fortunately, online teaching platform ClassDo helped more than 3,000 of MENDAKI’s secondary school students continue to have access to academic support and coaching through online tuition during the COVID-19 outbreak. This is especially important for those who were preparing to sit for the national examination at the end of last year.

“It is very important for us to ensure that there is no digital divide between students. Regardless of their family background, these students are entitled to uninterrupted access to education,” said ClassDo founder and CEO Chung Chiew Farn.

ClassDo’s contribution was recognised on Thursday, 18 Mar, at the 2021 IT Leader Awards, themed Technology Heroes of the Crisis. The award, organised by Singapore Computer Society, recognised those who had made a positive impact on society through technology during the COVID-19 crisis.

Speaking at the awards ceremony held at Hotel InterContinental, Communications and Information Minster S Iswaran said Singapore needed more technology heroes like them.

ClassDo helps Malay students access MENDAKI tuition

According to MENDAKI’s Assistant Director of Education, Sabrena Abdullah, there are various challenges faced by MENDAKI, including channelling more than 7,000 students from physical classes to online classes.

“Even though the physical classes are closed, what we are very proud of is that in general, the average attendance of the pupils last year was better than the previous year,” Ms Sabrena said.

As for ClassDo, it was a great honour to be able to help students continue their learning.

“We worked with MENDAKI to ensure that no student was left behind, because everyone deserves a chance.” Mr Chung said.

ClassDo hopes to continue working with MENDAKI not online in this eMTS programme but also in other programmes offered by MENDAKI.


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