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1 min read

Collect responses in an interactive way with Quick Poll

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17 May 2021

Engage your room members by launching one of ClassDo's quick polls! Quick polls let your room members give you instant responses to a question or express their mood by pointing at their answer on their own videoscreens. You can see both an overall summary of the responses as well as the response chosen by each individual member for quick but personalised feedback of your current session.

1 min read

By popular demand-Virtual Backgrounds now live!

12 May 2022

You can now use virtual background on ClassDo! 

You can easily set up your virtual background within the...

1 min read

Brand New Feature For Tracking Distracted Students!

31 May 2022

Can you imagine how is it like if you can instantly detect when your student loses his/her focus in an...

1 min read

Additional Features are now available on Sketchpad

12 Apr 2022

Try out our new features that has been added to our sketchpad (whiteboard)! With the new features, you can: