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1 min read

Housekeep your room chat with delete public chat messages

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5 Aug 2021

Is your meeting room's public chat cluttered with too many chat messages? You can now keep it clutter-free by deleting public chats! There are two ways to clear public chat messages; either via the chat window view from inside of the room or via the organisation view. Do note that this feature is only available for roles assigned with managing chat permissions.

1 min read

By popular demand-Virtual Backgrounds now live!

12 May 2022

You can now use virtual background on ClassDo! 

You can easily set up your virtual background within the...

1 min read

Brand New Feature For Tracking Distracted Students!

31 May 2022

Can you imagine how is it like if you can instantly detect when your student loses his/her focus in an...

1 min read

Additional Features are now available on Sketchpad

12 Apr 2022

Try out our new features that has been added to our sketchpad (whiteboard)! With the new features, you can: