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Introducing ClassDo Learning Analytics - visualise your students' learning in real time effortlessly

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22 Sep 2021

Want to better understand how well your students are doing in your class, how engaged they are and how actively learning they are between lessons? Check out your organisation's new learning analytics dashboard. You can now view your students' activity and interaction with teaching materials even when the class is over. Just click on Learning Analytics on your dashboard to access. Do note that this feature is only available for roles assigned with viewing permissions.

ClassDo will be rolling out a series of releases for learning analytics. To help our educators to track each learner's individual progress easily and to improve learning outcomes with meaningful data. In this beta version, educators will have basic insights on Room and Content Library usage. In time to come we will be including more metrics with each release. These will capture real-time learning data in and outside of live lessons, making it effortless for educators to understand their learners' progress.



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Strategic alliance between ClassDo and Willseed corporation

ClassDo Pte. Ltd, a "Future of Work" platform based in Singapore (CEO Chung Chiew Farn, hereinafter referred to as...

3 min read

Strategic alliance between ClassDo and Kawaijuku Group KeiAdvanced

Kawaijuku Group, one of Japan's largest educational conglomerates, begins research with Singaporean Future of Work...

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New subscription plan launched

10 March 2023

We're excited to announce that we have launched our brand new Pro subscription planthat costs as low...