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New pricing plans with bulk purchase discounts that grow with your business

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2 Aug 2021

You wear clothes that fit you. So why not a ClassDo pricing plan that fits your business' needs too?

Starting this month, you get to choose from three new pricing plans - Starter, Team, Enterprise - to top up your organisation's credits with. Suitable for organisations of all sizes and needs, these plans will complement our previous single rate, pay-as-you-go plan for ad-hoc users. Each new plan also lets you enjoy savings of up to 50% with bulk purchase of hours. The more bulk purchase hours you top up, the more discount you get in the form of bonus hours. With this change, you can now have a plan that not only fits your business, but also grows with it flexibly.

6 min read

Strategic alliance between ClassDo and Willseed corporation

ClassDo Pte. Ltd, a "Future of Work" platform based in Singapore (CEO Chung Chiew Farn, hereinafter referred to as...

3 min read

Strategic alliance between ClassDo and Kawaijuku Group KeiAdvanced

21 December 2022

Kawaijuku Group, one of Japan's largest educational conglomerates, begins research with Singaporean...

1 min read

New subscription plan launched

10 March 2023

We're excited to announce that we have launched our brand new Pro subscription planthat costs as low...