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ClassDo | News, Feature Releases and Enhancements

Read about our new releases and enhancements as we continue improving ClassDo to empower educators to deliver personalised learning.

Keep your learners focused during live sessions easily with Viewport Sync

25 Feb 2022

Now there is an easy way to help your learners stay on the same page 📖 while you conduct your live sessions.With Viewport sync, your...

Sketchpad enhancement - Make fine corrections with ERASER

1 Mar 2022

Many of you have asked for an eraser tool. and so here it is! 🤩  Besides using 'Select > Delete' or 'Undo' to remove what you've written...

Looking at scaling up your online tutoring business? Here’s 3 hurdles you need to overcome

Sharon is a full-time private tutor specialising in Maths for secondary school students. She has been conducting mainly one-to-one classes on the...

Introducing In-person mode for smoother transition between physical and online classes

The ever-changing government restrictions on physical classes can bring unintended disruption for your tutoring business. But with the new In-person...

Screen-sharing from device and visualiser made easier for members with no permission

31 JAN 2022

Screen-sharing from your device and visualiser is now easier and more convenient! Members of your organisation with no screen-sharing or...

Capture and measure your learners' engagement with the new Raise Hands feature

27 Jan 2022

Educators, we heard you for better ways to capture learner engagement, as well as measure them meaningfully!And now you can do so with...

New Standby Mode For Lesson preparation at No Cost

20 Jan 2022

We've made an enhancement to how educators like yourself start a live lesson on ClassDo. 

Get Notified When You're Muted and Unmute Temporarily with the Space Bar

17 Jan 2022

Now you can know if you are muted when you enter into a live video chat session!After entering the virtual room, a pop-up notification...

Mic Volume Display on Your Own Video Thumbnail

10 Jan 2022

Want an instant check on your speaking volume during a live video chat? Now you can do so with the mic volume display on your own video...