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ClassDo | News, Feature Releases and Enhancements

Read about our new releases and enhancements as we continue improving ClassDo to empower educators to deliver personalised learning.

Collect responses in an interactive way with Quick Poll

17 May 2021

Engage your room members by launching one of ClassDo's quick polls! Quick polls let your room members give you instant responses...

Clearer billing and usage info with time-based display

10 May 2021

To make it easier for organisation owners to check and monitor their room usage, the billing and payment history screens now display...

Screen sharing and visualiser enabled in the virtual room even when camera is not working or turned off

4 May 2021

Screen sharing and visualiser usage are no longer dependent on the status of your camera. This means you are able to share your screen...

Clickable URLs in room chat and direct messaging

30 Apr 2021

Want to share a website URL with other room members? Just post it on the room chat or direct messaging and it will become a hypertext...

Better control over who can toggle between videochat and content views

9 Apr 2021

With a new permission box under Organisation Seettings > Roles to manage who can open and close the videochat view in the virtual room,...

Test your camera / microphone / speaker from within the virtual room

8 Apr 2021

Having a glitchy camera, microphone or speaker midway through a live session? Now you can run the device test without having to leave...

Get alerted whenever a room member enters the room

7 Apr 2021

Get alerted as attendees stream into the room or when latecomers join the class after you have started teaching, by turning on sound...

Quick action bar for content files in the virtual room

31 Mar 2021

Want to hand out, duplicate or download a file in the virtual room? The previous [...] icon to access the content settings and tools...