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ClassDo | News, Feature Releases and Enhancements

Read about our new releases and enhancements as we continue improving ClassDo to empower educators to deliver personalised learning.

See more videochat screens on one page with Videochat View

1 Dec 2020

Want to see all the members of the room at once? Click the rightmost videochat view icon on the bar at the bottom of the screen to...

Enter the room for live collaboration without camera

26 Nov 2020

You no longer have to worry if you are using a device without a camera or having difficulties with your camera! You can now continue...

Tuition Scheme: Mendaki setting good example for students

26 Nov 2020

This letter appeared in the Straits Times on 26 November 2020.

A Mendaki Tuition Scheme tutor wrote into the Straits Times Forum to...

Upload PDFs with original file names retained

25 Nov 2020

Now, the names of the PDFs that you upload will be retained even after they are uploaded, letting you upload your documents without...

Have smaller, more focused discussions with groups

25 Nov 2020

With groups, conducting dedicated team discussions is easy, seamless and quick! Just like how you can split up people in a room into...

Better host control of screen share/visualiser activation

17 Sep 2020

Users who do not have permission to start live video collaboration on your own will now need to get approval from the room host...

Screen share display upsized for a more immersive view

16 Sep 2020

Here in ClassDo, we always recommend our users to take advantage of our file upload feature and unlimited cloud file storage, to...

View screen share and visualiser video in sync at all times

15 Sep 2020

Instead of appearing as a floating video, a screen share video or visualiser livestream is now displayed in tabs similar to other...

Submit completed work online with a quick QR code scan

8 Sep 2020

Finished an assignment on hard copy and taken a photo on your smartphone? You can now easily submit your assignment into the virtual...

Smart Tabs: all your files in one Library - find them easily, open only the files you need

2 Sep 2020

Bid goodbye to clicking on various tabs to look for a PDF or a sketchpad, and scouring through a long row of files to find that one...