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ClassDo | News, Feature Releases and Enhancements

Read about our new releases and enhancements as we continue improving ClassDo to empower educators to deliver personalised learning.

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Mic Volume Display on Your Own Video Thumbnail

10 Jan 2022

Want an instant check on your speaking volume during a live video chat? Now you can do so with the mic volume display on your own video...

Change Cursor Visibility on Sketchpad Tool Panel

4 Jan 2022

Now you can show or hide everyone's cursors on Sketchpad with just one click.

Edit File Access From FILE SETTINGS In Online ClassRoom

28 Dec 2021

Want to allow your learners to work on a file during a live session? All you have to do is click on the cog icon on the file tab in the...

Welcome to your new classroom!

1 Dec 2021

Your new classroom now has a cleaner, simpler and minimalistic design with all the tools you need at a glance! Get to know your new...

Meet your new Lounge!

22 Nov 2021

Your organisation home page now has a new name and a simpler, minimalist look, with easy access buttons to your most frequently used...

Introducing ClassDo Learning Analytics - visualise your students' learning in real time effortlessly

22 Sep 2021

Want to better understand how well your students are doing in your class, how engaged they are and how actively learning they are between...

Learn more about ClassDo's hyflex classroom features with new website

30 Aug 2021

Whether you are an educator, admin or learner, check out our new website to discover how ClassDo's hyflex classrooms are supercharged...

Housekeep your room chat with delete public chat messages

5 Aug 2021

Is your meeting room's public chat cluttered with too many chat messages? You can now keep it clutter-free by deleting public chats!...

New pricing plans with bulk purchase discounts that grow with your business

2 Aug 2021

You wear clothes that fit you. So why not a ClassDo pricing plan that fits your business' needs too? Starting this month, you get to...

Jump to pages instantly with quick page turner

30 Jul 2021

Tired of scrolling slowly through a 20-page PDF page by page to get to where you want? You can now jump to your desired page instantly...