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ClassDo | News, Feature Releases and Enhancements

Read about our new releases and enhancements as we continue improving ClassDo to empower educators to deliver personalised learning.

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Jump to pages instantly with quick page turner

30 Jul 2021

Tired of scrolling slowly through a 20-page PDF page by page to get to where you want? You can now jump to your desired page instantly...

Instant pop-up notifications for new room chat and direct messages

28 Jul 2021

Whether you are in the Main Room, Group or Desk, get alerted at once whenever a room member sends everyone a public chat message or...

Move and copy content to/ from different desks, groups and rooms

26 Jul 2021

It is now possible for you to move or copy any document or sketchpad (complete with all your annotations) to other desks, groups or...

New invites/ sign-ups by mobile phone number no longer supported

6 Jul 2021

To make joining ClassDo and your meetings easier for new users, we have disabled sign-ups and invites via mobile! This change will not...

Default group in rooms renamed "Main Room" for better clarity

21 Jun 2021

The default main group of every room has now been renamed "Main Room" to make sure there is no ambiguity! This name change is...

Upload files up to 100 MB

6 Jun 2021

You can now upload PDF and image files up to 100 MB each, up from the previous 50 MB. For files bigger than 100 MB, try compressing your...

Collect responses in an interactive way with Quick Poll

17 May 2021

Engage your room members by launching one of ClassDo's quick polls! Quick polls let your room members give you instant responses...

Clearer billing and usage info with time-based display

10 May 2021

To make it easier for organisation owners to check and monitor their room usage, the billing and payment history screens now display...

Screen sharing and visualiser enabled in the virtual room even when camera is not working or turned off

4 May 2021

Screen sharing and visualiser usage are no longer dependent on the status of your camera. This means you are able to share your screen...

Clickable URLs in room chat and direct messaging

30 Apr 2021

Want to share a website URL with other room members? Just post it on the room chat or direct messaging and it will become a hypertext...