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ClassDo | News, Feature Releases and Enhancements

Read about our new releases and enhancements as we continue improving ClassDo to empower educators to deliver personalised learning.

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Get alerted whenever a room member enters the room

7 Apr 2021

Get alerted as attendees stream into the room or when latecomers join the class after you have started teaching, by turning on sound...

Quick action bar for content files in the virtual room

31 Mar 2021

Want to hand out, duplicate or download a file in the virtual room? The previous [...] icon to access the content settings and tools...

Room sync settings streamlined to Enable Sync and Disable Sync modes

30 Mar 2021

There used to be three different room sync modes - Presentation, Collaboration Sync and Disabled Sync. To simplify how you, as...

Allow others to edit your files on-the-spot in the virtual room

24 Mar 2021

For your convenience, we have extended the Share Content feature that was introduced in the Organisation Content Library earlier in...

Full view of your contents with relocated controls bar

22 Mar 2021

Were you previously bothered by how the controls bar in the centre bottom of your virtual room screen tend to block part of your...

Try ClassDo for free; no credit card required

15 Mar 2021


Good news for educators who are new to ClassDo! We have removed the requirement to register your credit card before you can unlock the...

Send direct messages to other room members

19 Feb 2021

Not only can you post messages on the public room chat, you can now also send direct messages to other room members privately. If you...

Show room members' cursors to everyone

17 Feb 2021

As a teacher, trainer or presenter, you can now always show your room members where your cursor is pointing at or where you are...

Mobile-friendly access to Content Library

11 Feb 2021

Read or work on your documents in the Content Library easily on-the-go, on any mobile device.

Suspend an organisation member's account temporarily

5 Feb 2021

As the organisation owner or admin, you may suspend an organisation member's account temporarily. During the suspension, the member...