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Brand New Feature For Tracking Distracted Students!

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31 May 2022

Can you imagine how is it like if you can instantly detect when your student loses his/her focus in an online class?

With out latest 'Lost Focus' tracking feature, educator can now easily track when the student lost his/her focus through the 'Lost Focus' icon on their video thumbnail.


The 'Lost Focus' icon will appear at the side of the video thumbnail when the students open another tab, web browser, window application or when minimize the browser.

As an educator, you get an instant, real-time indicator to help you to redirect your student's attention back to online lesson.

Only roles with the permission to "start a session" (e.g. teacher, administrator, etc.) can use the focus function.  Don't worry, the icon will not be displayed to the student even if the teacher is looking at a different screen.

For more information on how to use this feature, please refer to this article. 

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