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Strategic alliance between ClassDo and Willseed corporation

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ClassDo Pte. Ltd, a "Future of Work" platform based in Singapore (CEO Chung Chiew Farn, hereinafter referred to as ClassDo) , has formalized a Memorandum of Understanding with WiLLSeed Corporation, a company that supports corporate talent development (Headquarters: Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shingo Seta, hereinafter referred to as WiLLSeed). This significant step marks the commencement of a strategic alliance and the initiation of joint ventures. 

By amalgamating the deep insights and extensive customer network of the WiLLSeed Group in corporate talent development with ClassDo's robust platform, which facilitates learner-centric, participatory learning, the alliance seeks to architect and disseminate uniquely individualized talent development strategies designed to cater to the learner's needs.

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Background of the strategic alliance

In a period of industrial revolution that demands economic growth spurred by innovation, full-fledged talent nurturing initiatives in corporations are gathering momentum to boost industrial competitiveness. This dynamic has led to an intensified need for personalizing learning experiences - a transformative pressure that has amplified since the pre-COVID era. With societal changes brought about by longevity, the rapid evolution of AI, the imperative need for reskilling and upskilling in the DX era, and the increasingly diverse workstyles, the demand for self-directed learning optimization has escalated.

In light of this landscape, WiLLSeed, in collaboration with ClassDo, intends to construct and popularize uniquely individualized talent development strategies tailored to learners. This strategic alliance has been conceived with the objective of devising solutions for the 'personalization of learning' in corporate talent development.

ClassDo, headquartered in Singapore, has developed the "Future of Work" learning platform, ClassDo. This pioneering platform delivers learner-centric, participatory classes in a streamlined manner. ClassDo uniquely integrates the dual benefits of encouraging deeper, learner-centric thought processes and stimulating their innate abilities and professional potentials through creative processes, in line with the best practices  vigorously championed by the Singaporean government.

Considering the administrative responsibilities of corporate training departments, which involve not only circulating information to targeted individuals and confirming their attendance but also managing various tasks pertaining to the employees' learning progress, there are concerns about workload increase. With the utilization of ClassDo, non-core human resource development tasks can be automated, enhancing the visualization of learning content, tracking progress, assessing goal attainment, and boosting learner motivation. This integration is set to improve operational efficiency and foster a hybridization of collective training, enabling a focused approach on core tasks.

Both companies have reached a basic consensus to explore a comprehensive business collaboration, leveraging each other's distinctive strengths. Initiating this collaboration with new employee training measures, one of WiLLSeed's leading programs, the alliance aims to cultivate and disseminate innovative learning methodologies across diverse domains, such as cross-border learning initiatives for emerging leaders. Accumulating expertise in learner-centric, participatory learning, and personalized learning will pave the way for broadening the scope of educational services, catering to the era of lifelong learning beyond just the corporate realm.

Comment from WiLLSeed Corporation

from Mirai Kinoshita, Leader of the HRD Business Division R&D Group

WillSeed Mirai Kinoshita photoIn various social contexts such as human capital management and Society5.0, there is a growing demand for autonomous learning, growth, and career development of working individuals. On the other hand, the human resources development industry still predominantly operates with traditional learning approaches. Examples include the 'other-managed' approach where the company decides what and when to learn, the 'collective lecture' style where everyone gathers at the same time to receive inputs, and the 'push' type where the correct answer is predetermined. In order to truly support autonomous learning, it may be necessary to let go of traditional approaches. We have come to collaborate with ClassDo with this issue in mind. We are excited to see what kind of incredible outcomes will occur by applying Singapore's best practices of 'personalized learning' to the realm of adults. Aiming to update 'adult learning,' we look forward to exploring new ways of learning with ClassDo.

Comment from ClassDo

ClassDo Chiew Chung photo

In the 21st-century business landscape, we realize the increasing importance of flexible management to cater to ever-changing customer needs. The 20th century saw success with identical products or services through mass production, but times have changed. We have learned from significant news that our jobs may be replaced. Today, robots and AI have acquired the ability to handle very complex tasks, and the massive revolution of Industry 4.0 is underway. In Japan, there has been a tendency to avoid the '3Ks' (Kitanai, Kitsui, Kiken or dirty, demanding, and dangerous jobs). However, we've recognized a fourth 'K' that we should avoid more - 'Kurikaesu' or repetition. No matter how complex a job is, any repetitive task is likely to be replaced by AI or robots sooner or later. In the new industrial revolution, we know that the optimal way is to leave memorization and instruction-following tasks to robots and AI. All industries face a severe skill shortage as human resources and machines engaged in repetitive work compete for jobs. However, we believe that by converting personnel who perform repetitive tasks into personnel with creative power, any industry can maintain competitiveness in the new industrial revolution. ClassDo, in cooperation with WiLLSeed, supports a unique opportunity to gain a significant lead over competitors in this industrial revolution by cultivating innovative and creative corporate talent using practical methods. We are ready and eager to forge the future. Join us in this endeavor to enhance competitiveness and build a thriving business for the new era.

ABOUT WillSEED corporation

Founded in 2000 with experiential education for children, WiLLSeed Corporation has been expanding its business of tiered education in corporations, cultivating next-generation and future leaders, and global human resource development. The corporation manages a group of businesses focused on human development, such as WS PARTNERS PTE LTD, which provides human and organizational support for Japanese local corporations in ASEAN countries based in Singapore; Seven Seas Co., Ltd., which supports the cultivation of global communicators mainly for foreign-affiliated companies in Japan; and EDxLab!, which develops lifelong learning businesses primarily for middle and high school students.

WiLLSeed Corporation's Website:


Seven Seas Co., Ltd. Website:

EDxLab! Website:

Company Overview

Name: WiLLSeed Corporation Head Office

Location: Asahi Life Ebisu Building 9・11F, 1-3-1 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013

CEO: Shingo Seta

Business Content: Development and provision of corporate human resource development and training programs, development and provision of experiential education programs for schools, and development and provision of other education programs.

Established: July 2000



ABOUT ClassDo Pte Ltd

Based in Singapore with a global presence, ClassDo Pte.Ltd is a "Future of Work" platform that develops and provides a one-stop solution for participatory and personalized classes focused on learners. "ClassDo" embodies best practices already strongly promoted by the Singapore government, to guide learners in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential


Company Overview

Name: ClassDo Pte.Ltd

Head Office Location: 60 Paya Lebar Rd ♯10-36 Paya Lebar Square Singapore (409051)

CEO: Chiew Farn Chung

Established: December 2017





Japanese press release can be found in the link below



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