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NEST Institute and ClassDo teams up to equip companies for industry transformation, amidst emerging technology skills shortage

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NEST Institute and ClassDo teams up to equip companies for industry transformation, amidst emerging technology skills shortage


Singapore – NEST Institute, a leading skills training institute on emerging technologies and their industrial applications, today announces a strategic partnership with Singapore-based ClassDo, a “Future of Work” platform for creative workforce skilling.  

This collaboration is a strategic response to the urgent demand for a “Future Ready” workforce that is not only creative and innovative, but also skilled in disruptive emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain, and Fintech – which is rapidly reshaping every sector of the economy. 

With NEST and ClassDo, companies are equipped with the capability to swiftly overcome the skills shortage that is vital for their industrial transformation plans, ensuring that they can innovate and lead in the new digital economy. 

What are some of the Emerging Technologies that have acute skills shortage?

Use of emerging technologies can empower businesses to redefine their operations, engage with customers in new ways, and secure a leadership position in their industries. However, emerging technologies evolve rapidly, making it hard for traditional education to keep up. NEST works with a group of industry practitioners to provide the most up-to-date curriculum in emerging technologies, from A to I:

  • A - AI
  • B - Blockchain
  • C - CyberSecurity
  • D - Data Analytics
  • E - eSports
  • F - Fintech
  • G - Green Tech
  • H - High Performance & Quantum Computing
  • I - IoT

What is the best way for a company to create a “Future Ready” workforce? 

  • Learn Fast : Employees have very limited time to learn new knowledge. 

ClassDo’s plays a crucial role by offering an integrated platform that unifies all stakeholders, the entire learning lifecycle, collaboration tools and pedagogical approach in a simple and easy to use environment, saving valuable time and resources. 

  • Learn Wide : Employees need to be skilled with a variety of emerging technologies to solve their problems. 

NEST complements this by providing diverse learning pathways, enabling employees to acquire a wide range of skills in emerging technologies on a just-in-time basis. 

  • Learn Well : Employees need to be creative problem solvers. 

ClassDo further enhances this ecosystem by providing NEST’s curriculum a seamless environment to carry out participatory and personalized learning, equipping employees with the creative problem-solving skills essential for success in tomorrow's business landscape.

Key Objectives of the Collaboration:

The strategic collaboration between NEST Institute and ClassDo is focused on achieving three key objectives to empower companies for industry transformation in the face of an emerging technology skills shortage:

  1. Integrating Expertise and Learning Environments : NEST Institute's leading-edge knowledge in emerging technologies, including AI, Blockchain, CyberSecurity, Data Analytics, eSports, Fintech, Green Tech, High Performance Computing, and IoT, is combined with ClassDo's innovative "Future of Work" platform. This integration aims to create a unified and comprehensive learning environment that bridges the gap between current skills and the demands of future technologies.
  1. Facilitating Rapid and Effective Skill Acquisition: The partnership is designed to address the challenge of rapidly evolving technology sectors by enabling employees to quickly learn and adapt to new knowledge. By leveraging ClassDo's platform, which simplifies the learning process through an integrated, easy-to-use environment that encompasses all stakeholders and the entire learning lifecycle, companies can ensure their workforce is "Future Ready" with limited time investment.
  1. Promoting Creative Problem-Solving and Diverse Skill Development: Together, NEST and ClassDo are set to foster a workforce that is not only technically proficient but also excels in creative problem-solving. NEST provides diverse learning pathways across a wide range of emerging technologies, while ClassDo enhances the learning experience with participatory and personalized approaches. This synergy ensures employees can tackle complex problems innovatively and effectively, securing their company's leadership in the digital economy.

Quote from NEST’s Leadership 


“Our partnership with ClassDo allows us to translate NEST's cutting-edge curriculum on emerging technologies into actionable skills training. This collaboration unlocks the skills they need to confidently navigate the workforce of tomorrow” Chia Hock Lai, Senior Advisor of NEST Institute.

Quote from ClassDo Leadership:

“NEST’s expertise in bridging the skills gap in emerging technologies perfectly align with our mission at ClassDo to empower participative and personalized learning experiences. Together, we are not just addressing the global skills shortage, we are revolutionizing the way individuals and organizations learn and adapt in a rapidly changing economy.” Chung Chiew Farn, CEO of ClassDo. 

About NEST

The New Economy Skills Training (NEST) Institute is a Singapore-based institute dedicated to preparing individuals and organizations for the dynamic economic landscape. Our mission is to provide accessible, expert-led training that bridges the skills gap and fosters a mindset of innovation. We envision a future where everyone has the resources to adapt and thrive in a sustainable and equitable economy.  NEST Institute aims to be the premier skills development platform, creating a community of lifelong learners equipped to address the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. We offer programs focused on future-ready skills delivered in flexible formats within an inclusive learning environment.

About ClassDo

Singapore-based ClassDo is a "Future of Work" SAAS platform aimed at addressing the global skills shortage, by assisting educators globally to shift from repetitive to creative skilling. Awarded "Singapore’s IT Leader of the Year" for facilitating continuous learning during the COVID-19 crisis, ClassDo simplifies the creative learning process by integrating stakeholders, tools, methodologies, and delivery modes in a streamlined manner, while maintaining simplicity and ease of use. By eliminating technical complexities, the platform enables educators to focus on engaging learners through participative and personalized learning experiences, fostering the development of a future-ready creative workforce.



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NEST Institute and ClassDo teams up to equip companies for industry transformation, amidst emerging technology skills shortage

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