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Coach in private with 1-on-1 discussion

24 August 2022

There is now a better, more discreet way for educators like you to provide personalised coaching discreetly in a group class. You can...

Receive instant feedback via Google Form survey within your ClassDo room

11 July 2022

You can now embed a Google Form by simply clicking on "+" next to the file tabs in your online classroom.

With this nifty new...

By popular demand-Virtual Backgrounds now live!

12 May 2022

You can now use virtual background on ClassDo! 

Brand New Feature For Tracking Distracted Students!

31 May 2022

Can you imagine how is it like if you can instantly detect when your student loses his/her focus in an online class?

Additional Features are now available on Sketchpad

12 Apr 2022

Try out our new features that has been added to our sketchpad (whiteboard)! With the new features, you can:

1. Enter 'TEXT', click...

Find your favourite tools easily with a streamlined side bar

7 Apr 2022

Whether you're an educator or learner, you'll now get easier access to frequently used camera, microphone and 'Raise hand' buttons right...

Manage your class easily with the Class Management Dashboard

22 MARCH 2022

Class management is now easier with all the information you need at a glance! With one click, you can now have instant overview of...

Keep your learners focused during live sessions easily with Viewport Sync

25 Feb 2022

Now there is an easy way to help your learners stayon the same page📖while you conduct your live sessions.With Viewport sync, your...

Sketchpad enhancement - Make fine corrections with ERASER

1 Mar 2022

Many of you have asked for an eraser tool. and so here it is! 🤩  Besides using 'Select > Delete' or 'Undo' to remove what you've written...